Design and validation of aircraft fuel system

Design and validation of aircraft fuel system

Air travel become affordable, which resulted in significant increase in air traffic. There is fierce competition among air craft manufacturers to deliver fuel efficient and eco-friendly aircrafts with minimum lead time. Getting Airworthiness certification for their aircraft is the biggest challenge as it involves multiple physical design modifications  to product design and testing and also takes much time. 

Simcenter Flomaster greatly reduced the effort by enabling user to create digital twin of physical system and do optimization of the virtual prototype for achieving required performance. This helped in achieving correct design first time, thus avoiding the costly physical modifications and testing. Aircraft fuel system library helps in quick create virtual prototype of fuel system. All aspects of pumping system 

  • Pump sizing.
  • Refueling scenarios. 
  • Fuel tank inerting.
  • Tank cascading with variable attitude and acceleration etc. are analyzed and optimized to achieve correct design even before physical prototype is developed. Geometrically complex tanks are easily modelled using inbuilt import feature.
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