Multi-physics attribute simulation of Hybrid vehicle


The global race for innovation in all industries is leading to immense competition. We can see drstic changes on how products are being developed. Product architecture is transforming from primarily mechanical devices to smart systems converging mechanical, electrical, controls and other capabilities. With environmental concerns and depleting  energy resources; new technologies should be adopted to make systems greener and consume less energy. 

Hybrid vehicles cause less strain on environment and energy resources compared with conventional vehicles. Simcenter Amesim multi-physics capability enables user to model and optimize entire hybrid vehicle architecture by integrating all the sub-models like electrical power train, mechanical power train, storage, transmission. 

Magna Steyr implemented model based simulation using  Simcenter Amesim to evaluate various architectures of hybrid vehicles .  Using batch simulations of Amesim vehicle architecture was optimized over wider range of test cycles. Simcenter Amesim was also used to assess the general energy management of vehicles and perform sensitivity analyses of several parameters such as aerodynamics, tires, powertrain shifting strategies and gear ratio selection, among others. Simcenter Amesim became a trusted tool for the development of operating strategies, including power limitations, state of charge (SOC) balance, electric driving,  thermal engine driving, recuperation and load point shifting and charging.

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