Thermal performance of Electric Traction motor

Dynamic Stability analysis of Hydraulic components

Predicting the proper thermal behavior of an electric motor is very important in optimizing the performance of the machine. Using Simceneter Motorsolve the performance validation of Prius 2010 traction motor is done by  matching the test data provided by ONRL (Oak Ridge National Labs).

The custom rotor and stator geometries were imported to Simcenter Motorsolve .The winding was automatically replicated to reflect the actual winding. 

Using, pre-set experiments, Simcenter Motorsolve results closely matched the test data, such as the efficiency map which includes the operating envelope, static-torque curve, and back-EMF. Coupled electromagnetic- thermal simulation is done using the inbuilt thermal solver and spray cooling of end windings and duct cooling were implemented. The transient thermal results matched with test result data.

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