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Design & optimize next generation aircraft

Aetos enables aerospace engineers and designers to simulate and evaluate their designs earlier to reduce costly and timely physical prototyping.

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The aerospace industry has always struggled to maintain profitability and competitiveness, and today is no exception. Aerospace companies are under pressure to build more efficient, quieter, and “greener” aircraft, space vehicles, propulsion units, etc. Furthermore, these demands are against the backdrop of stricter regulations, higher material costs, higher fuel costs, more demanding customers, and a faster time to market. Using simulation software as part of their development process, aerospace manufacturing companies and suppliers can evaluate designs and predict product performance, reducing the number of costly and time-consuming physical prototypes in the first stage of the design cycle.

Several applications for Aerospace simulations:

  • Aerospace performance of the airframe.

  • Landing gear 

  • High-lift wing design 

  • Passenger comfort improvements 

  • Fuel Tank design 

Better product development with simulation

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